You can’t wait for the winter season 2016/2017? Buy now in presale celosezónní cards to the skiarea Aldrov. Then just wait until the first snow and the slope. Don’t forget to stop along the way in our rental not Vítkovice-ski or snowboard you and other equipment that is required for these sports.

Skiarea Aldrov prepared for you discounts on all season ticket price. The discount is only valid when you purchase a celosezónní card at the time of 1.11.2016-30.11.2016 (only in November!):

Permanently resident citizens:

  • discount from 3.500,-CZK 2.500,-CZK


  • discount of 6.000,-CZK 5.500,-€ (adult Info)
  • discount from 5.000,-CZK to 4.500,-CZK (adults lift Jizerka)
  • discount from 4.000,-CZK to 3500,-CZK (children Aldrov and lift Jizerka)

What to do if you are interested in discounted celosezónní fares? 

  • You can get it in November bought at the municipal office in VÍTKOVICE.
  • If you do not have this option, please write to:, subject: Celosezónní card info in 2016/2017 and to the body of the message write the type of fare you are interested in. Include your mailing address. On the basis of contact information to you, you will be zašlána the pro forma invoice before payment, you will receive a voucher, which you first visit Vítkovice, ski resort Aldrov, your pass. If you don’t have a card, you will receive a new one that is backed up in the amount of 100.0,-CZK)

Source of information: