Choose from an extensive menu in our glasses, waxes, gloves, and other things that are for the ultimate enjoyment of winter sports absolutely indispensable.

Downhill or cross-country skiing, snowboard, but even bobsledding. These are the winter sports, which most of us enjoy every winter.  We're waiting impatiently, when the first snowflake falls, the first centimeters of snow and as soon as possible, we set out on the hills and slopes.

So you can fully enjoy these winter activities, we are here to help us.

Your skis, and we nabrousнme with service from požadovků and needs as necessary. The work provides a wider range of machine tags Reichmann.

You are concerned because you have unusual foot size? Never mind, we have prepared for you a large amount of equipment to the selection. 


Do you have any questions, please call us or use our contact form. We will answer you at all.

Team Ski Klemš