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Ski Klemes provides complete sets for skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing
We provide all what you need for winter sports.

Great price

Enjoy every single moment in Krkonose winter resort with our ski, snowboard and cross-country ski rental service for great prices.

Tradition since 1991

Due to our many years of experience we can answer any of your questions.

A new range of products and services

  Choose from an extensive menu in our glasses, waxes, gloves, and other things that are for the ultimate enjoyment of winter sports absolutely indispensable. Downhill or cross-country skiing, snowboard, but even bobsledding. These are the winter sports, which most...

Vitkovice-advance passes available

You can’t wait for the winter season 2016/2017? Buy now in presale celosezónní cards to the skiarea Aldrov. Then just wait until the first snow and the slope. Don’t forget to stop along the way in our rental not Vítkovice-ski or snowboard you and...



Ski rental

Our rental service provides high quality skies in all different sizes and types. Everyone can pick his or her skies.


Snowboard rental

Are you a beginner? Advanced? We Snowboards for all.


Cross-country skis

Or do you prefer cross-country skiing? We provide the full service for your blithely trips.


Ski grinding and ski waxing

We grind your skies edges and wax the ski base.



Helmets, back protectors and other safety gear can be rented or bought at our store.


We calibrate and set up the equipment

We calibrate your skies and cross-country skies. Setting of bound for maximum safety.



Goggles, gloves, scarfs, hats, waxes and other range of winter goods.


Skiing school

Person teaches and educates him or her selves the whole life so come and learn how o ski or snowboard.

Surrounding Activities

Beer trips in Vrchlabi

Are you the beer lover? If yes, then don’t miss a chance to visit family brewery in another beautiful mountain city, Vrchlabi. Here you can find the whole range of different beers, from the mildest to the real powerful ones and some extra specials. Are you also...

Cross-country skiing in Krkonose

Endless kilometers of running tracks are yearly prepared for you in Krkonose. Great way how to relax your body and mid is to go and enjoy the scenario during the cross-country skiing. In a close distance from Vitkovice there are many tracks that enthusiast of this...

Do you like culture?

Do you like cinema or theatre? Then visit “Kino 70”, it is city cinema located in Jilemnice. Easy reachable place from Vitkovice, it just takes 15 minutes by car. Do not expect Multiplex cinema, but the authentic small city cinema atmosphere. Enjoy nice evening in the...

Freestyle area Vitkovice

Adrenalin, speed, tricks and jumps… all what describes freestyle can be found in Vitkovice the best freestyle area in the Czech republic and the most visited one among all in the republic. Come and enjoy the ride… What can you find here? Lots off  hindrances Great...


First enjoy beautiful day on the slope and then relax your body in the sport center in Jilemnice that offers variety of sport activities such as swimming pool, saunas and salt cave. Enjoy and relax during your stay in Krkonose ad let your mind and body relax. More...

Skiing tips

Prepared ski slopes with fresh snow and great ski bars – ideal combination for your winter vacation. Krkonose full fills your dreams. If you are situated in Vitkovice, then ideal option for skiing is the Ski resort Aldrov. Another interesting place that should be on...

Sportrelax 007, Harrachov

Sportrelax 007 is the ideal place for relaxation with your family, group of friends or even just on your own.  Our facility is suitable for company meeting and events as well as sport camps.  We are situated in the calm and relaxing part of Harrachov close to national...

Price list

payment possible only in cash

Cross-country Skiing

Rental periodSkiBootsSticksSet
1 day210 Kč120 Kč80 Kč340 Kč
2 days400 Kč200 Kč150 Kč590 Kč
3 days580 Kč270 Kč210 Kč820 Kč
4 days740 Kč330 Kč280 Kč1020 Kč
5 days870 Kč380 Kč300 Kč1250 Kč
6 days910 Kč420 Kč320 Kč1470 Kč

Carving Skis

Rental timesSkiBootsPolesCompletes
1 day240 Kč120 Kč80 Kč340 Kč
2 days480 Kč200 Kč150 Kč650 Kč
3 days710 Kč270 Kč210 Kč890 Kč
4 days940 Kč330 Kč260 Kč1080 Kč
5 days1160 Kč380 Kč300 Kč1320 Kč
6 days1380 Kč420 Kč320 Kč1560 Kč

Snowboards and Helmets

Rental timesSnowboard complete including shoes Helmet
1 day350 Kč100 Kč
2 days290 Kč / 640 Kč190 Kč
3 days280 Kč / 920 Kč270 Kč
4 days270 Kč / 1 190 Kč340 Kč
5 days260 Kč / 1 450 Kč400 Kč
6 days250 Kč / 1 700 Kč450 Kč

Ski alps

- The set includes belts, skis (Völkl), boots (Scott) and poles
- deposit is 6,000 CZK
Rental timesSetSkiBootsSticks
1 day900 Kč750 Kč250 Kč150 Kč
2 days1 500 Kč1 400 Kč500 Kč300 Kč
Every other day+ 600 Kč
1 Week3 500 Kč


Snowshoes200 Kč/den
Ski waxing 100 Kč
Ski grinding 200 Kč

Ski Klemš

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Vítkovice 328, 512 38


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Opening hoursevery day during winter, 8:00-17:00, can be extended after contacting us